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August 10, 2012


Bruce Napier

Ah, yes. The 10.8 one has a shorted cell, probably, so it will have knackered the others trying to charge it up. Right enough the SG is only fully accurate on discharge (explanation about that in the manual), and with a stuffed bank, it's bound to be a bit confused…

ISTR Gibbo reckons up to 5% error on charge, so in future, cover the solars and wait 10 mins if you want full accuracy. Normally it doesn't matter that much, of course, you're more interested in things like the reading first thing in the morning as to whether you need to run the engine..

All the best


Michael Fisher

Thanks for the thought Bruce. I disconnected the batteries and tested each individually. One was 10.8v, another 11.8v and the two remaining 12.22v. Had a chat with RCR who agreed with my conclusion that the batteries are finished, but suggested that I bypass the 10.8 one and use the remaining 3 until replacements can be found. I have finally worked out that the solar panels, with their trickle charge, make the battery voltages appear normal until a load is put on them when the real underlying situation is revealed. So I am wondering if they fool the Smartgauge into thinking that the batteries are more fully charged than they really are.

Bruce Napier


Could be the charger is going to float prematurely? canal world is the place to go for good advice about this sort of thing, but do give as much info as you can.

Best of luck with it


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