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August 30, 2006



Thank you for these interesting snapshots. Just wonder now where Daybreak is based.

Arthur Whitehead

It was my good fortune to work on Daybreak when she was running grain from Hull to Hanley's Mill in Doncaster. I joined her in 1954 as mate working under the then skipper Henry (Harry) Brackenbury. Two years later I had to leave her as her former mate (Phil Healey) returned from National Service and had to be given his job back. After doing National Service myself I returned to working for Hanleys (Ranks) as mate on Hanleys Pride and in 1959/60 I bacame skipper of Daybreak myself.

Andy Baldock

Daybreak is a Humber Keel. She used to work the North east waterways,(Humber,Ouse,Trent,Aire and Calder and Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigations. 61` long x 15`6" beam.

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