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November 27, 2003






This is out of my experience I am afraid.  You will need to get a quote from a boatyard that specialises in this sort of thing.  Sounds expensive.    Depends how bad the corrosion is in the engine bay.   The best you can do there is to have it back to steel as best you can and then treat it with anti-rust epoxy perhaps.   Look at



Julian dickinson

Help. I have just bought a narrowboat which needs a new bottom and some of the pitting is down 3ml from original plate, I had boat surveyed and surveyor told me that with new bottom and plateing on the sides she would be fine, Is this so? also engine bay corroding how would i tackle that. thanks.


I bought a job lot ages ago. About 20 litres. Cost a lot of money. Not sure if I will repeat when it runs out. Will try and find the original invoice & let you know.

Peter Smith


Could you let me know where you get your monoprolylene glycol from

Many thanks


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